martedì 5 aprile 2016

Cambogia e Danimarca

One post to rule them all... eh eh eh!

I'm travelling a lot with my Passport Challenge and I'm exploring new culture. Many of you are following me in this trip and I am so thankful for that!


Cambodia was a difficult country. I read some poems, like that one:

Phnom Penh Morning

The green life brightens,
drawing its new, freshed air:
the sky, licked with lightest light,
lies long, milk-cool, unburned.
Birds stitch songs
into the city's first hum.

Breadmen hoot,
sound-sport with the birds,
their dittoed songs skirling
at the sky: and the city
winds into its day.

I think: this stitch, this bird-buzz ...
is it the need-pressed breadsong of the sky -
begging for the small, sold crumbs of life?

I think: this city - this cool-lit sky ...
how can they know each other's mind? ...
what words, what songs? ...

But try and know: by that we are more men.

At home we ate this amazing Lok Lak

And I listen to this lovely song (and a lot of more). Khmer songs are very similar to the ones of my tradition, not for the music, but for the videos... I really love this music!

Denmark was more similar to my culture. Because I am an european.

I read Andersen' fairytales, for the very first time in my life. His tales have been summed up in the years and have changed a lot (one example for all: The Little Mermaid by Disney).
I loved the original tales. They are sad, but full of colours. Pure magic!

In my family Passport Challenge is an important event. We ate Smorrbrod, rye bread with everything on it. We chose smoked salmon and cream cheese.

I listened to this song by a Viking folk band:

And your travel? Tell me about it! 


La Passport Challenge che ho iniziato è davvero poco seguita in Italia, molte persone dall'estero invece mi hanno contattato e si sono unite a me in questo viaggio. E sono molto contenta di questo, perché sto conoscendo davvero tanta bella gente, il bello di Internet :-)

Nelle immagini qui sopra potete vedere come è andata la mia esperienza di viaggiatrice-in-poltrona nei paesi della Cambogia e della Danimarca,

La Cambogia non è stato un paese facile per me, la letteratura khmer ha vissuto diverse crisi per colpa dei governi. Inutile dire, invece, che la Danimarca è molto più vicino alla nostra cultura, siamo europei e si vede. Da noi, però, forse si mangia meglio ;-) 

La musica... bè, la musica ci unisce tutti. 

E un bacio a mia madre, che ogni tanto forse segue questo blog, perché questo bel viaggio lo stiamo facendo insieme!

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