mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Come è bello mangiare durante le feste - parte due

Per la prima parte clicca  qui  .

For watching the first part click here  .

Ecco cosa ho mangiato durante questo periodo natalizio.

Here it is what I ate during this holidays.

A Santo Stefano: 

On December 26th:

Pasta fresca con sugo di carote -

Pasta fresca with carrot sauce -

Funghi e friarielli -

Mushrooms and friarielli -

A Capodanno:

On  New Year's Eve:

Cocktail di gamberi -

Shrimp's Cocktail -

Paccheri allo scoglio -

Cotechino e lenticchie -

Cotechino with lentils -

E voi cosa avete mangiato?

And what did you eat?

5 commenti:

Coleen ha detto...

What a feast you had. The pictures certainly add to your description. Makes me want to come there and try out some of those great dishes.

Coleen in Ukraine
(coleenfranks) from s-b

dodibus ha detto...

:-) ahahah thank you!!!

dodibus ha detto...

you can come here when you want!

epershands ha detto...

Hmm. The food looks do delicious. Can't get enough of the food, so I'm following you. The mushrooms and lentils are two of my favourites; I'm sure I would love them (:

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dodibus ha detto...

thank you, i love food too!